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Babington September Regular Programme Enrolment has begun!

Enroll on or before 16th September

💵 $50 coupon

🎁 5 Oxford Story Tree story books ($250 value)

The following timetables are first priority classes. Please note that we cannot guarantee we can open a class to fit your requested schedule if they do not appear on the centre’s timetable.

Key dates

Here are some key dates for your reference:

  • Last day of Summer programme: Thursday 31st August

  • Start of September Regular Programme: Monday 4th September

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Terms & Conditions

  1. Promotion Duration: This promotion is valid from 1st August 2023 to 16th September 2023.

  2. Eligibility: Both new and existing students are eligible for this promotion.

  3. Enrolment Deadline: To avail of the promotional benefits, students must enrol by 16th September 2023.

  4. Exclusions: The promotion does not apply to enrolments in the "Speak Right" course. (Speak Right course is entitled to only $50 discount)

  5. Restrictions: Back to School Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

  6. Discount Benefit: Eligible students will receive a $50 discount, which will be deducted from their initial tuition fee.

  7. Oxford Story Tree Storybooks:

    1. Five (5) Oxford Story Tree storybooks will be given out based on the students' respective grades.

    2. These storybooks are assigned randomly and are non-replaceable, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable.

    3. Distribution of the Oxford Story Tree storybooks is anticipated to occur between the end of October and mid-November 2023.

  8. Reference to General Policy: The offers mentioned herein are governed by Babington Education's General Policy.

  9. Amendment Rights: Babington Education holds the right to amend these terms and conditions without any advance notice.

  10. Dispute Resolution: In case of disagreements or disputes, Babington Education's decision will be considered final.

  11. Language Discrepancy: If there are inconsistencies between the Chinese and English versions of these terms, the English version will take precedence.

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