Version 35 (01 Sep 2020)


    1. There is a $1,000 course membership fee that entitles you to premium service per course.

    2. The membership entitles student the PRIORITY access to course enrolment, with a wide variety of premium added value services such as access to termination notice incentive programme, access to referral programme, make up facilities, monthly parents update service and discounts to special Babington parties and events. Please see the relevant terms and conditions of these respective services below.


    1. Termination notice incentive programme is applicable to members only. 

    2. If you give 30 days’ notice prior to your last lesson at Babington, then your account will be credited with $1,000.

    3. This cannot be converted into cash and it can only be applied to tuition fees.

    4. The online termination form may be accessed here. Alternatively, you may visit any branch to obtain a hard copy. We do not accept ‘on the phone’ terminations or oral termination.

    5. The 30 days notice counts from the submission date of the online form or the hard copy form.


    1. Please complete enrolment form in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS.

    2. The Centre may acknowledge receipt of application via email and so please write your email address clearly.

    3. Only cheques, cash and EPS are accepted. Please call to see the cheque name of the centre.

    4. Post dated cheques will not be accepted.

    5. It is the parents’ responsibility to get a receipt for each payment. Only official Babington Education machine receipts or receipts that are chopped with the company chop can be accepted as proof of payment.


    1. In case of school closure prior to the commencement of a course, our school will refund in full the course fee collected to pupils immediately.

    2. If a course cannot be operated according to the arrangements specified in the fee receipts and pupils decline the revised arrangements offered by our school, our school will refund in full or on a pro-rata basis the course fee collected to pupils as soon as possible and in any event not later than one month after the pupils have requested for the refund.

    3. If a course cannot be operated on the date or at the time specified in the course leaflet and pupils decline the revised arrangements offered by our school, our school will refund in full or on a pro-rata basis the course fee collected to pupils as soon as possible and in any event not later than one month after the pupils have requested for the refund.

    4. In case of cessation of a course after its commencement, our school will refund to pupils the course fee collected on a pro-rata basis as soon as possible and in any event not later than one month after the cessation of the course.


    1. Our school will inform parents of the refund arrangement either over the telephone or in writing.

    2. Our school will refund pupils in accordance with the above policies.

    3. When processing the refund, our school will not take away the original fee receipts. Upon receipt of the refund, pupils or parents should sign to acknowledge the receipt.

    4. Our school will pay the refund either in cash or by cheque.


    1. Regular programme is defined as classes operated from 1st September to mid July where classes are held once per week.​

    2. Holiday programme are defined as Easter Programmes, Summer Programmes or any other seasonal programmes. Summer programme is held mid-July to 31 August. 


    1. Make up facilities are applicable to members only. 

    2. In the event the student cannot attend classes for whatever reason, students can enjoy make-up facilities.

    3. Skipping classes is strictly prohibited. All classes in the month must be paid in full. Any missed classes must be made up. By this we mean, you may not for example, attend less two classes this month and in return, pay less two classes the following month. All scheduled classes must be paid for and non-attended classes must be made up within the given make up rules.

    4. All regular programme make up classes must be made up on or before July 10th of each year. Any make up classes not made up after this date will be forfeited. 

    5. The course, lesson, class date, time and teacher cannot be guaranteed for make-up classes, however, the centre will do its best to place the student in a class relevant to their age and ability.

    6. Holiday programmes have special make up rules. Please contact us to see which courses allow make-up classes.


    1. Parents will not be notified individually.

    2. Black rainstorm warning OR Typhoon signal number 8 or above    -         Centre closed

    3. All other weather warnings                                                                -         Centre open

    4. Black rainstorm or typhoon 8 lowered before 8:00am                      -         Centre open at 9:00am

    5. Black rainstorm or typhoon 8 lowered before 12:00 noon                -         Centre open at 2:00pm

    6. Black rainstorm or typhoon 8 lowered after 12:00 noon                   -         Centre remained closed


    1. There are 2 different procedures for authorising the collection or release of children from Babington. Please check with your branch to see which procedure applies to your child. 

    2. Replacement of a lost/damaged cards will incur an administrative fee. Please call for the administration fee. 

    3. Please click here to read the full policy and procedures.


    1. Referral programme is applicable to members only. 

    2. The 1st person you refer, you will get a $100 credit in your account.

    3. The 2nd person you refer, you will get a $200 credit in your account.

    4. The 3rd person you refer and any person thereafter, you will get $300 credit each time, in your account.

    5. If you have been referred by someone, you will get $100 credit in your account.

    6. You can only be referred once and by one person only. 

    7. Credit will automatically be deducted the following month at a maximum of $200 per month until your credit is used up. 

    8. Credit cannot be transferred into cash and cannot be refunded. 

    9. Credit can only be used for regular programme tuition fee only. 

    10. To qualify, the name of the referer must be submitted within 3 days of the first lesson. E.g. if you are a new student and Mary Chan referred you, then you will need to submit to your branch, Mary Chan's full name and mobile number within the first 3 days of your first lesson to get the referral credit. Failure to do so means you and Mary will not get the referral credit. 


    1. Babington Education reserves the right to amend the policy without notice and in any disputes, the policy stated here will be the enforceable one. 

    2. Babington is only responsible for your child during the lesson times. Babington is not responsible and cannot be held accountable for your child before or after the lesson in any way.

    3. Please check the website for operating days

    4. Parents and guardians must be within 5 minutes reach of the centre in case of emergencies. 

    5. It is the parents/guardian’s responsibility to inform the centre about any medical conditions of their child, such as allergies to certain food. If a class involves cooking, the cooked food will be returned home with an ingredients label. Students will not consume their cooked food in the centre. It is the parents' responsibility to check for allergies before allowing their child to consume their food out of Babington. 

    6. The centre may take photographs or videos of your child(ren) to show you how your child has improved and for marketing purposes and parents will not be entitled to proceeds what so ever. Objections should be made in writing.​

    7. Toilet assistance: Should your child need to visit the toilet, our staff will escort your child to the toilet and remain in the public area outside the toilet entrance. You are advised to have a guardian near our centre to escort your child into the toilet to supervise your child fully.


    1. If during the paid term, the Centre is unable to deliver the classes because of circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Centre such as and without limitation natural disasters or acts of God; acts of terrorism; labour disputes or stoppages; war; government acts or orders; epidemics, pandemics or outbreak of communicable disease; quarantines; national or regional emergencies; or any other cause, whether similar in kind to the foregoing or otherwise, beyond the Centre's reasonable control (collectively, “Force Majeure”), Parents agree to suspend in-centre classes and transfer the remaining unused balance into BaboGO, the Company's e-learning service.