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Min. K2

1 hour

5 Modules

Max 6/class*


ACE the Primary School Interview with Confidence and Ease!

Course Features

Foundational English Skills
  • Vocabulary Building

  • Basic Sentence Structure and Usage

  • Advanced Sentence Construction

  • Basic Reading Skills: Decoding and Understanding Texts

  • Basic Writing Skills

  • Advanced Vocabulary

Listening and Speaking Skills
  • Developing Listening Skills

  • Speaking Skills: Articulation of Thoughts

  • Speaking Skills: Describing Pictures

  • Speaking Skills: Sharing Experiences

  • Role Play: Conversational Scenarios

  • Pronunciation and Clarity in Speech

  • Confidence in Speaking: Public Speaking Basics

Social Etiquette
and School Readiness
  • Understanding and Expressing Emotions

  • Basic Manners and Etiquettes

  • Cooperation and Teamwork: Group Activities

  • Confidence Building: Sharing and Presenting

  • Problem-Solving Skills: Simple Puzzles

  • Adapting to New Situations: Role Play

  • Understanding School Rules and Routines

  • Independence Skills: Self-help Skills

  • Respect for Diversity: Understanding Different Cultures

Mock Interviews and Feedback
  • Understanding the Interview Process

  • Mock Interviews

  • Feedback and Improvement Strategies

Review and Final Preparations
  • Full Review

  • Final Mock Interview: Full-Length Mixed Questions

  • Final Review and Preparations: Tips and Strategies

Course Description

This comprehensive course is designed to prepare children for primary school pre-admission interviews in Hong Kong. The aim of the course is to build foundational English language skills, listening and speaking abilities, social skills, and school readiness.

Course Structure

The course is divided into five modules, each focusing on a key aspect of interview readiness.


Module 1: Foundational English Skills explores the basics of the English language, including alphabets, phonics, sentence structure, and basic vocabulary.


Module 2: Listening and Speaking Skills develops children's capacity to understand spoken English and express themselves effectively.


Module 3: Social Etiquette and School Readiness equips children with the necessary skills to navigate the school environment, including understanding and expressing emotions, cooperation, problem-solving, and respecting diversity.

Module 4: Mock Interviews and Feedback provides children with practical experience of interview situations. This module consists of multiple full-length mock interviews covering different areas such as personal questions, cognitive skills, social skills, and problem-solving. Each interview is followed by a feedback and improvement session.

Module 5: Review and Final Preparations consolidates the learning from previous modules and prepares children for the actual interview. It includes a final review of all topics and several full mock interviews.

Mock Interviews

One unique feature of this course is the integration of a short mock interview session in every lesson. This approach provides continuous exposure to the interview setting, helping children become more comfortable with being asked questions and expressing themselves.

Teaching Methods

Teaching methods in this course include interactive activities, role-play, storytelling, and practical tasks, all designed to make learning enjoyable and less stressful for children. Throughout the course, children will learn to apply their language skills in real-life situations, enhancing their understanding and confidence.


Practise Today, Succeed Tomorrow.

We believe that practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to primary school interviews. That's why every single lesson in our course features a mock interview section.

Our expert teachers will engage your child with questions related to the day's lesson, offering a practical understanding of the interview process.

This consistent practice will help your child become familiar with the interview environment and process, replacing nervousness with confidence.

Let's embark on this journey towards interview success together!"

Why Babington Education?

Experience & Success Rate

Babington has over 14 years of experience and have taught over 30,000 students with students in or admitted to nearly every top school of Hong Kong. 

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our comprehensive and holistic curriculum covers not only English proficiency but also social etiquette, cognitive development, and cultural knowledge.

Real-World Practise

Mock interviews are placed in each lesson to get students comfortable with being asked questions and having to answer them.

Confidence-Building Approach

We build students' confidence, not just their academic knowledge. This is crucial for interviews, where the ability to present oneself confidently can make a significant difference.

Qualified Educators

Our teachers are trained, certified and qualified.  But it's not just about qualifications; our teachers are passionate about helping your child succeed.

Give your child the head start they deserve. 
Don't wait - the first step towards your child's bright future is just one click away. 

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