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Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Babington!

My name is Clifford Wan and I am the co-founder, principal and Chief Educational Officer of Babington Education. 



Together with my team, we help to achieve clear tangible English language improvements for all children. Utilising a structured, intelligently designed and logical programme that is powered with a unique and controlled teaching methodology, we are able to accurately predict children's learning outcomes every 3 months. 


Our teaching method is backed by research and has been proven to be the most effective method in teaching English as a secondary language to children.



We don't just hire native English speakers  (NETs) as we know being a native speaker doesn't mean you are a trained educator. We hire exceptional teachers who are passionate about teaching and all of our teachers are professionally phonetically trained in Ruth Miskin's RWI programme or in Jolly Phonics by the Jolly Learning Company. 

Clifford Wan B.Sc., M.Ed.

Co-Founder & Principal


What do we do?

Babington Education is a premier learning centre that teaches English to children between the ages of K1-P6.


What is special about Babington?
  1. Babington is the largest provider of Ruth Miskin's RWI phonics programme in Hong Kong. 

  2. Babington is the most experienced RWI phonics provider in Hong Kong

  3. We were the first formally trained RWI teachers in Hong Kong.

  4. All teachers undergo the Babington Teacher Training Programme, which is a 12 week full time training programme.

  5. All teachers are retrained every single year. 

Our Programmes and Teaching Methodologies Produce Predictable Results
  1. PROGRAMMES: Our programmes are structured, logical and transparent. All teachers teach our Head Office approved structured programmes.

  2. TEACHING METHODOLOGY: All teacher are trained on our teaching methodologies used to teach each programme.

  3. We found that with a fixed programme and with a fixed teaching methodology, we can produce consistent results. We are therefore able to predict children’s learning outcome in a specific time frame and we do this with every new child we enrol. 


Strong Track Record

We are popular with parents because we are able to produce consistent and clear results. Have a look at our Facebook video page and you will see an uncountable number of K1-K3 kids reading and writing using our methodologies. 


Don’t waste your child’s time….
Let us set learning outcome targets for your child

We deliver targets every 3 months. That’s all it takes to see if Babington works. Don’t waste your child’s time. The process is as follows:


  1. Call your nearest Babington centre to book a free assessment and briefing.

  2. Complete the assessment so we understand your child’s English development.

  3. Meet with our Centre Manager to see for yourself the curriculum we use to help improve your child’s English. We will show you each level and you will see for yourself the power of the curriculum.

  4. Set targets. The Centre Manager will set time-specific learning outcome targets (usually every 3 months).

  5. If you think these targets are reasonable and the programme is logical, then you can choose to enrol your child.

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