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Hong Kong's first phonics reading pen


BE Reading Pen...

The BE Reading Pen is a smart learning device developed by Babington Education and exclusive to the English Ladder programme. BE Reading Pen is Hong Kong's first phonics reading pen that can not only read words but can sound them out to help children read. The reading pen is built for Babington's Smart-textbooks and smart-storybooks and is compatible with the companion iOS and Android app. 

Using SONIX OID technology, the BE Reading Pen is the most advanced talking pen on the market with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Once you have paired the BE Reading Pen with your home WiFi network with the BE Reading Buddy app, your child can seamlessly download content onto the pen by simply tapping the book cover of our official material. 

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How does it work?

The pen has been programmed to recognize specially designed and printed codes throughout the course book. Once a code is recognised, the pen will read out anything from phonics sounds, words, questions, full sentence answers, and even more…

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Your child can use the BE Reading Pen to engage with our uniquely designed course books. With a simple tap of the pen tip, words and pictures will come alive as our specially selected English teacher will read to them in a crystal clear native English accent. This means your child can listen to, review and practise the contents they have learnt from our Babington teachers in the comfort of your home.

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But wait, that's not all...

BE Reading Buddy
The official BE Reading Pen
companion app for
Android & iOS

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Not only have we brought you a powerful tool to help your child practise English at home, we have also developed a powerful companion app that will bring you features never before seen in the education industry.


The combination of the BE Reading Pen and BE Reading Buddy app makes them the most powerful, industry-leading education products for you and your child.



Learning data



Track learning data

Each time the BE Reading Pen taps a specific code, the action is logged, analysed and presented in the learning data section of the app. This means you can see valuable, quantitative data of how your child is learning, from progress data like what phonics sounds has been covered, to frequency data of how often your child has used the BE Reading Pen to help them read a storybook. 

As an industry first, Babington is bringing you, the parent, an insight into your child’s learning like never before seen.


The BE Reading Pen has a built-in WiFi module. Once you have paired it to your WiFi network through the BE Reading Buddy app, it can reconnect on its own every time it is switched on at home. This will allow the pen to keep its internal software up-to-date, as well as automatically download content when they are available directly to the pen.


Play content from your mobile device!


When the BE Reading Pen is switched to Smart mode and connected to the BE Reading Buddy app on your mobile device, audio and visual content will now be played on the mobile device.

If your mobile device is connected to headphones, wireless speakers or your smart TV, the audio and visual experience will be greatly improved.

​Already have your BE Reading Pen?

Let's get started!

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Power button

Mode switch button

LED Indicator


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Reset button

USB-C charge port

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Volume rocker

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What's in the box


USB cable and pen stand


Be Reading Pen


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