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Ages: 3-12

1 hour - 1.5 hours*

10 Levels

Max 6/class*

Compatible with BE Reading Pen and BE Reading Buddy iOS and Android app.

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English Ladder is an integrated skills English language programme specifically designed for the needs of Hong Kong children. The skills covered include reading, comprehension, writing, grammar, speaking and listening. For Steps 1-3 (kindergarten years), Dolce sight words are built into the programme. Students will progressively build up their sight words each lesson to help improve reading fluency. Upon mastering the sight words, students should be able to read about 75% of age-appropriate texts. Step 4 is a bridging class for those students who needs a little more help before they reach the Step 5 (primary 1) level. 

Our materials are expertly developed in accordance with the needs of the student. Our reading and comprehension are aligned to international standards (Lexile, Fountas & Pinnel, DRA and Reading Recovery). Our grammar syllabus and writing forms (poem, reports, storytelling, etc.) are aligned to local standards.

Course Structure

There are 10 Steps in the English Ladder programme. Each Step consists of 3 modules with 15 lessons per module. Each module will have a review that will revise the entire module, and this is followed by an assessment that would serve to grade each student's performance. We understand that all students have a lot of homework and stress from school, so we don't require students to revise or prepare for the assessment at home. We will do all preparations for the lesson before the assessment. Following the assessment, there will be a progress report and a certificate of completion issued to the student.

Unlike other centres, we don't separate the teachers from the parents. On the contrary, we encourage our teachers to build a close relationship with all their students' parents to better understand their students' issues and needs. All of our teachers are available (most of the time immediately after the lesson) and are more than happy to update the parents on their child's progress.

Teaching philosophy

Our teachers are carefully selected, trained and certified to deliver our programmes, including RWI by Ruth Miskin. We use passion, positive reinforcement (praise the good to influence the naughty rather than scolding the naughty), encouragement, and energy to engage our students and promote English learning actively. 

Assessment & Evaluation

We place students into appropriate levels based on ability rather than age. We believe this will ensure each student will be placed at the best level to succeed. Therefore, all students are required to complete a free assessment that will determine which Step is the most suitable. The whole process of assessment and briefing takes between 30 – 40 minutes. During the briefing, the teacher will debrief the assessment and fully explain the structure of our programmes. You will see for yourself the curriculum for the assigned level and that of the next, thus enabling you to see the effectiveness of our progressive programme. 

Quality Assurance

Our centre managers meet with their teachers every week in what is known as a Teachers' Weekly Meeting. During this meeting, our teachers are expected to account for every one of his/hers students. This systematic method of managing teachers enables us to monitor every student and ensure every student is receiving due attention. This enables us to identify issues early on and thus plot a course of action to resolve these issues. 

A powerful synthetic phonics based English literacy and language programme. The programme is integrated with the phonics programme, RWI by Ruth Miskin. By the end of K3, we expect children to be able to read and write sentences independently using their phonics skill.

All teachers are trained, certified to deliver the programme. All teachers have undergone specialist RWI phonics training. 

We grow children's vocab bank with the use of picture-word cards. We systematically introduce the 220 Dolch sight words to children. These are the most common words in the English language, representing 50-75% of most children's text.


Our texbooks and story books are SMART. They are compatible with our BE Reading Pen and companion iOS and Android app. These edtech tools help enhance learning at the centre and at home.


Our programme leads to predictable learning outcomes in children. A child starting from K1 will typically reaches P1 English language competency before they finish K3, thus empowering them with a significant advantage when entering P1. 


Our programme improves your child's reading, writing, listening and speaking skills using a systematic curriculum that progressively increases in difficulty as the student progresses from module to module and step to step. 

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Not just books...but Lexile ® certified books

Our kindergarten level storybooks are certified by the Lexile ®  Framework for Reading

Lexile® measures are the gold standard for measuring reading development and comprehension. It is a scientific approach to measuring both reading ability and the text complexity of reading materials on the same developmental scale.

Over 35 million students and 100 million books, articles and websites have received Lexile reading and text measures.