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Make Up Policy
  1. In cases where children are sick, they are permitted to make up the missed lesson(s) provided that the following conditions are all met:

    1. They have sufficient make up quotas (see next section for the make up quota)

    2. They have a valid doctors certificate that covers the missed lesson(s)

  2. Other than point 1 above, only planned absences will qualify for make up so please make sure you notify us via the enrolment form.

  3. There will be no make up for students who do not turn up to the scheduled class for whatever reason, including due to sickness.

  4. Make up classes cannot be changed once you have submitted the enrollment form.

  5. We will offer some options for the make up classes and these options will be final. We cannot guarantee making up the exact missed lesson content.

  6. Make up is booked on a first come first served basis.

  7. Even if you book your makeup class in advance, your place will not be guaranteed. Make up students will come second priority to students enrolled on that class.

Severe Weather – Typhoon & Rainstorm

Please refer to our Severe Weather - Typhoon & Rainstorm terms & conditions in our General Policy

Make Up Quota
  • RWI Foundation Levels = 2 lessons

  • Elementary (Green/Purple) = 3 lessons

  • Elementary (Pink/Orange/Yellow/Blue/Grey) = 4 lessons

  • Weekly Summer Programme

    • 3 day programme = NONE

    • 5 day programme = 1 lesson

  • Speak Right = none

  • Cambridge YLE = 4 lessons

2 Free Lessons (Babington English Ladder / RWI by Babington)
  1. Two free lessons in either English Ladder or RWI in October after the summer programme.

  2. Two free lessons must be completed between the period of 1st October to 30th November of the following regular term (T&Cs apply)

  3. There will be no refund, return, exchange of courses or discounts if your child cannot join the course in our given time slots. 

  4. The free lessons have to be booked before 30 November of the current year.

  5. There will be no make up lessons permitted for this offer.


Referral Programme is not applicable to Summer Programme.

General Terms
  1. Classes are only confirmed with sufficient enrollment. We will contact you should your chosen class fail to open and will offer a full refund.

  2. Due to the higher frequency of lessons per week, there is a very good chance that there will be more than 1 teacher per course/week. However, we endeavour to do our best to keep the teacher change to an absolute minimal.

  3. Photos and/or videos of your child(ren) may be taken for promotional and educational purposes.

  4. We can only hold your position once we have received the full payment.

  5. Babington will not be held liable for any loss or injury to self or properties.

  6. The terms and conditions may be changed without notice.

  7. Max class size = 6 regular students. The 7th spot is reserved for make up students.

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