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Babington's weekly book club aims to promote the love and joy of reading using Oxford Reading Club and its award-winning and best-selling books curated by Oxford University Press.



Curated by
Oxford University Press
5x learning effect
MDR 5 Step learning method
independent learners

5-steps. 5X the benefit.

The 5-step Multi Dimension Reading (MDR) method is a research-based instructional strategy to develop and support the five components of reading identified by the National Reading Panel


Pandora's Book Club is where children have weekly book meets to discuss and explore books. 

The book club is designed to sow the seeds of the love of reading in children through weekly book meets with the facilitation of a NET teacher and other like-minded children. 

A passion for reading can only be sowed when you dedicate time to reading. Our weekly book meets do just that. The book club incites curiosity and stimulates children's imagination and creativity through various magical worlds presented in books. 


Our phonetically trained native English speaking teacher will facilitate the book meet to ensure children understand the meaning behind the text. In addition to developing a love for reading, we expect children to improve on their reading fluency, comprehension, oral skills and broaden their knowledge. 


Children will be given books to read in and out of the book meet. Teachers will assign books for children to read at home so that when they convene in the following book meet, they can explore the stories, adventures and learnings of the book they read at home to the group. This is important as it encourages reading at home throughout the week.


Pandora's Book Club uses Oxford University Press' app called Oxford Reading Club. You can learn more about the app in the Oxford Reading Club promotional site

Lesson Structure

  • Every book meet (lesson) will be either 30 minutes (online) or 1 hour (physical class).

  • Children will be assigned into a reading level according to their ability. 

  • Since every book meet or every few book meets will have a new book, children may join any book meet so long as it is at their level.

About the Oxford Reading Club App

​You can learn more about the app Oxford Reading Club through the promotional site by clicking here.

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