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Studying RWI Foundation Level?

We are happy to announce that we have launched 44 beautifully illustrated e-books to support our RWI Foundation 3 students.

Having completed RWI F1 and F2, the student should have learned all the set 1 sounds and, more importantly, should have a decent foundation in using Fred Talk (a phonics reading skill). These stories are built with words that mainly consist of these set 1 sounds. This means the students should be able to read the vast majority of these short stories by themselves. Each short story is about 20 words long and includes an audio playback feature. By clicking the audio button, listeners can have the story read back to them. Each book is designed to contain significantly more decodable words than not. About 85% of the words in each book should be decodable. This equates to approximately 2 words per book that children might not be able to decode themselves because the word either isn’t decodable or they have not yet learned the sounds within the word. In such cases, parents or guardians can simply read the word to the child, helping to teach and expose them to new words and sounds.

Since 85% of the words are decodable, children should be able to read the vast majority of the words independently. This promotes confidence in reading and fosters a passion for it.

Each short story has an audio book feature where you can click a button and have the story read to you. In addition, there are 4 quick questions for parents or guardians to ask their child to check on reading comprehension.

Below is a screenshot of one of the short stories.

Below is a screenshot of the quick questions. These are quick questions asked by the parent or guardian to check on comprehension.

The e-books are a part of the bonus items of the Money-back guarantee programme offered to selected students. Babington selects qualified students and offers subject to terms:

  • 100% money back if the student does not achieve results

  • Unlimited free lessons within study period

  • Bonus items worth $4,394

  • Discounted rate

  • Free water filter machine

To gain access to the e-books, please contact your nearest Babington Education centre to enquire about the Money-back guarantee programme (MBG programme).

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