Babington 開學祭反應熱烈,優惠延長至12月31日!

Updated: Nov 5, 2019


  • 新生報讀,或現有學生額外報讀多一科,可免費獲得 Bio Link 家用水機 1部 (價值$12,800)


* 學校條款請參看本校網站

Enrol before 31 December 2019

Terms & conditions apply, see below for details. [ Click here to enrol ]

EXTENDED OFFER DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND! New students get FREE Bio-Link water filter machine

(valued at $12,800)

For more information on the Bio-Link water machine, click HERE.

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Extended Offer: FREE Bio-Link water filter machine ($12,800) to new students or current Babington students who enrols an additional course

  1. Offer is valid for new Babington students of all Babington centres.

  2. Students must enrol and pay for 3 months to qualify for offer.

  3. Applicable to all students enrolling on any programme except the Speak Right programme.

  4. Make up classes are permitted.

  5. General policy applies to all enrolments.

  6. This offer is brought to you in collaboration with Bio-Link Holdings Limited. Bio-Link is an independent company and is not associated, affiliated or related to Babington Education in any way.

  7. Bio-Link will charge a $1,800 delivery and installation fee. Babington will collect this payment on behalf of Bio-link. Alternatively, you may make payment directly to Bio-link.

  8. Any issues related to the water machine should be made directly with Bio-link.

  9. In accepting this offer, you hereby agree to indemnify or hold harmless, Babington Education Centre Limited or any businesses trading under the trade name that includes "Babington Education Centre" (herein, Babington) against future claims, losses or damages related to product in this offer.

  10. Babington reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without notice and reserves the right to the final say in any disputes.

Enrol before 31 December 2019

Terms & conditions apply, see below for details. [ Click here to enrol ]

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