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" absolute critical  role that makes us dangerously good teachers"

This is a Head Office role and you will belong to Head Office in your capacity as a Teacher Trainer. Your role is absolutely critical to the organisation as your efforts, your standards and your expectations will now be projected across EVERY branch, influencing EVERY teacher.

The 4 Key Roles:

Initial Teacher Training

You will be involved in the delivering of the company's standardised teacher's initial training programme through the utilisation of the company e-learning platform. ​

Teaching Quality Control

You will be conducting quality control lesson observations. You will be doing the following:

  1. Observing classes being taught

  2. Documenting findings.

  3. Meeting with CM to share findings to improve teachers

Annual Refreshers Training

You will be working with the Training Supervisor to revise, create and deliver the annual refreshers training.​ The purpose of the refreshers training is to realign the entire company with the proper expectations in all areas of work from teaching to teaching related administration.

Continuous Professional Development

You will be working with the Training Supervisor to providing external continuous professional development (CPD) for our staff. You will be liaising between third party organisations who will conduct the CPD. 

Job Description:

In this position you will work with the Head Office team under the direction of the Training & Curriculum Supervisor to ensure the effective delivery of Babington’s Teacher Training alongside additional duties relating to curriculum, marketing and teaching. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the typical tasks that are required as part of your role:


  • Help organize and conduct week 1 training for new Babington teachers

  • Help organize and conduct teaching evaluations for new Babington teachers

  • Provide ad-hoc and emergency training support to all branches on an as needed basis

  • Help to ensure the quality of the teaching team

  • Assist with all aspects of the Annual Refreshers Training

  • Assist with all aspects of continuous professional development for our teachers

  • Support the online e-learning training platform

  • Assist with marketing efforts to promote centres through helping at open days and centre opening events etc.

  • Assist with maintaining and enhancing Babington’s core curricula

  • Teach as a substitute teacher (you will not have any regular classes)

  • Provide support in curriculum development

Ideal Candidate:

The ideal candidate for this position will:

  • Be an experienced Babington teacher who knows how to execute all of Babington’s programmes in theory & in practise

  • Have a deep understanding of Babington’s policies, practises and philosophy

  • Be someone who can deliver advice and constructive criticism effectively

  • Be a sociable person at ease with interacting equally with many people of diverse age/race/experience/background

  • Be a clear communicator

  • Be highly organized

  • Be someone who looks positively on the personal and professional opportunity of having a challenging position with a busy schedule

  • Have a desire to remain in Hong Kong in the medium to long term

  • Have some form of experience in curriculum development

  • Have some form of experience in marketing and/or events

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