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在家教孩子拼音?免費講座 4月23日 免費 復活節 Party


講座內容包括拼音概念及家長學習在家如何教子女拼音。講座期間小朋友可參加我們的免費復活節Party, 包括手工藝創作及復活節主題烹任活動!


日期:4月23日 星期日

時間:2:00-4:00 TBC (2 hour session)




• 拼音字咭

• 拼音咭使用手冊

• 拼音發音video

* 禮物有限,先到先得

Learn about phonics and how to teach phonics to your child at home. While you listen to the seminar, your child will be participating in our free easter party doing arts and craft and fun easter themed cooking.


Date: Sunday April 23

Time: 2-4PM TBC (2 hour session)

Cost: FREE

Minimum age for child to join Easter party: 3YO


  • $300 course voucher (terms and conditions apply)

  • Phonics sound flash card

  • Instructions

  • Phonics video showing how to pronounce the sounds

Note: Applications are on a first come first served basis.

Online Sign Up Form: Click HERE

Terms & Conditions of $300 Voucher

  1. Voucher expires 31 May 2017

  2. For students enrolling into a new programme only.

  3. Voucher can only be used with a purchase of 4 or more lessons.

  4. Voucher can only be used for course fees only.

  5. Can only be used for regular programme. Cannot be used for Summer Programme

  6. Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

  7. Only one voucher can be used per child.

  8. Applicable for all branches.

  9. Babington reserves the right to change terms without notice and in any disputes, Babington reserves the right to the final say.

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