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Money Back  Guarantee Terms of Service

Last Revision: 16 August 2023


  1. "We," "Us," "Our," "Our Company," "the Centre" shall refer to Babington Education Organisation Limited and its affiliates, including any companies trading under the name of Babington Education Centre.

  2. "Head Office" refers to Babington Education Organisation Limited.

  3. "Customer" refers to the parent of the student.

  4. "Student" refers to the Customer's child.

  5. "CM" refers to the Centre Manager.

  6. "Bio-Link" refers to Bio-Link (Holdings) Limited.


A. Guaranteed Learning Outcomes:

  1. Our guarantee is confined to specific learning outcomes (LO) outlined in these terms of service.

  2. LOs are guaranteed upon successful completion of each level.

  3. The guaranteed LOs are as follows

    1. Foundation 1: Students will begin using phonics reading skills to read words from the RWI by Babington Education Foundation 1 workbook. However, the student cannot independently use the phonics reading skills to successfully read a word. Students will not be able to spell with the phonics spelling skill.

    2. Foundation 2: Students will read approximately 80% of blending time 6 and 50% of blending time 7 from the RWI by Babington Education Foundation 2 workbook. They will also begin using phonics spelling skills without independent spelling abilities.
      Foundation 3: Students will read sentences and spell 8 words as outlined in the RWI by Babington Education Foundation 3 workbook.


B. Conditions of Successfully Achieving Learning Outcomes:

LOs are exclusively accomplished under the prescribed conditions:

  1. Solely within the centre's premises. Achievement of LOs within the centre's confines is guaranteed, precluding other settings such as home, school, or other environments.

  2. Subject to the Centre Manager's defined prerequisites.


C. Determination of Successfully Achieving Learning Outcomes:

The successful accomplishment of LOs will be verified by the Centre's staff submitting a video recording of the student's demonstration of the LOs to the Customer via instant messaging such as but not limited to WhatsApp.

D. Disputes Resolution:

  1. In the event of disputes concerning LO achievement, parents may engage with Head Office via

  2. The determination rendered by Head Office shall be conclusive in such disputes.


E. Terms for Unlimited Free Lessons:

  1. Our scheme for unlimited free lessons aligns with the objective of ensuring LO attainment.

  2. The allocation and scheduling of unlimited free lessons fall within the discretion of the CM.

  3. If LOs are fulfilled within the minimum prescribed lessons, no supplementary free lessons will be extended.

  4. Should the CM discern that LOs remain unattained, the CM shall extend the minimal number of free lessons requisite for LO attainment.


F. Eligibility and Exclusions:

  1. Participation in MBG is exclusively by invitation extended at the CM's discretion.

  2. Refunds shall not encompass textbooks.


G. Refund Process:

To trigger a refund, Customers must liaise with Head Office via, furnishing the student's particulars.


H. Refund Amount and Method:

  1. Approved refunds shall hinge upon a pro rata calculation of unsuccessful levels:

    1. Failure in Foundation 1 warrants refunds for Foundations 1-3.

    2. Failure in Foundation 2 warrants refunds for Foundation 2 and 3.

    3. Failure in Foundation 3 warrants refunds for Foundation 3 exclusively.

  2. Refunds shall be processed within 7 working days through direct bank transfer or cheque, as directed by the Centre.


I. Cancellation and Termination:

  1. Refunds shall not be extended for instances wherein the Customer initiates service termination.

  2. Should the Centre terminate a student, a pro rata refund, as aligned with the bill, shall be extended, subject to 7 days' notice furnished to the Customer.


J. Limitations of Liability:

  1. Approved refunds are restricted to the Customer's bill, gauged against the unused portion of lessons.

  2. The Customer indemnifies Head Office from any claims, liabilities, damages, or losses arising from the Bio-Link water machines or by Bio-Link staff.


K. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

The governing law and jurisdiction stipulated herein shall pertain to Hong Kong SAR.


L. Communication and Changes:

  1. We retain the prerogative to modify terms sans prior notice.

  2. Revised terms posted on the website shall be construed as accepted by Customers.

  3. The latest terms can be accessed via our website: 


M. Customer Agreement:

The Customer affirms agreement to these Money Back Guarantee terms upon executing this agreement or settling the invoice for this plan.

N. Bio-Link Water Machine Promotion - Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction: These terms and conditions (the "Terms") outline the terms of the Bio-Link water machine promotion offered by Bio-Link (Holdings) Limited ("Bio-Link"). By participating in this promotion, you ("Customer") acknowledge and expressly agree to be bound by these legally binding Terms. Please carefully read and understand these Terms before engaging in any purchase.

  2. Independent Legal Status: Bio-Link (Holdings) Limited, referred to hereafter as "Bio-Link," is a legally distinct entity and holds no affiliations or partnerships with Babington. The independent legal status of Bio-Link is explicitly recognized and affirmed.

  3. Definition of Bio-Link Water Machines: For the purposes of these Terms, the term "Bio-Link water machines" encompasses any water filtration systems bearing the Bio-Link brand and sold by Babington as part of this promotional offering.

  4. Babington's Role and Fulfillment Obligations: Babington's role within this promotion is limited exclusively to that of a vendor for the Bio-Link water machines. It is important to note that Bio-Link shall assume complete responsibility for the comprehensive fulfillment of the product, which includes but is not limited to delivery, installation, repair, service, and maintenance.

  5. Delivery and Installation Charges: The customer acknowledges and agrees to assume financial responsibility for any charges associated with the delivery and installation of the Bio-Link water machines. Such charges will be invoiced directly to the customer by Bio-Link.

  6. Annual Warranty Fee: As an integral component of this promotion, the customer is obligated to cover the prescribed cost of the annual warranty offered by Bio-Link. This fee shall be levied by Bio-Link and billed to the customer.

  7. Indemnification and Release of Liability: By participating in this promotion and acquiring Bio-Link water machines from Babington, the customer expressly undertakes to indemnify, defend, and hold Babington harmless from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, or expenses—whether arising directly or indirectly from the use, operation, or performance of the Bio-Link water machines, or from any actions or omissions of Bio-Link's staff or representatives.

  8. Acknowledgment of Agreement: By actively participating in this promotion and effecting the acquisition of Bio-Link water machines from Babington, the customer affirms their full comprehension and unequivocal agreement to these legally binding Terms.

  9. Modifications and Updates: It is important to acknowledge that Bio-Link retains the right to modify or update these Terms at its sole discretion. Customers are advised to regularly refer to the most current version of these Terms, available on the official website. Inquiries or clarifications regarding these Terms can be directed to Bio-Link using the provided contact details: Email: / Tel +852 2481 2863

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