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Why is Babington so expensive? 🧐🧐

Because we are AWESOME at what we do. 😎

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. See you in the next one.

OK, OK, so we are awesome at what we do because the quality of our teacher training is arguably the best in Hong Kong.

We are the ONLY learning centre brand to offer certified phonics training to our teachers in Hong Kong.

As many parents know, Babington is Hong Kong's leader in the Read Write Inc. or RWI phonics programme regarding teaching quality and results (and price too 🫣).

RWI is one of the most popular and effective phonics programme in Hong Kong. It is also one of the most expensive phonics programme. RWI is Oxford University Press' phonics programme and not only that but their preferred phonics programme. Babington Education is Oxford University Press' largest learning centre partner and the most experienced in teaching RWI.

Babington Education is one of the few brands that invest in certifying their teachers in phonics. Our teachers are trained and certified by Ruth Miskin Training (RMT), the training company of Ruth Miskin OBE, the author of the RWI programme. In fact...

Babington Education is the ONLY learning centre/school in Hong Kong working with RMT to certify their teachers in RWI for the past three years.

Today, there are now other brands or learning centres that run the RWI programme, but at Babington Education, we believe that buying textbooks does not mean you know how to teach it. Knowing how to teach it and, more importantly, being masters of RWI phonics teaching requires formal training and certification. For this reason, Babington Education is known to produce the best results in teaching children to read and write using RWI phonics.

We invite you to book a free trial class at one of our 36 learning centres to see the programmes in action and experience the benefits for your child.

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About the author

Hi there, my name is Clifford and I am the founder and CEO of Babington...

I apologize if you are reading this article in Chinese, as I used auto-translate to translate it from English! Unfortunately, I can't read or write Chinese despite being in Hong Kong since 2009. I am very much a family man and spend most of my time with my wife, our toddler and our ginormous labrador called Archie! I am originally from the UK and am passionate about education and children. I have a master's degree in education and am, unfortunately, I am a doctorate in education dropout. I hope to one day resume my doctorate!

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