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" absolute critical  role that makes us dangerously good teachers"

This is a Head Office role and you will belong to Head Office in your capacity as an ELT Training Coordinator. Your role is absolutely critical to the organisation as your efforts, your standards and your expectations will now be projected across EVERY branch, influencing EVERY teacher.

The 4 Key Roles:

Initial Teacher Training

You will be involved in the delivering of the company's standardised teacher' initial training programme through the utilisation of the Teacher's Training Log. You will be responsible for completing the following key sections:

  1. Theory and programme description

  2. Teaching administration

  3. Parents update

Teaching Quality Control

You will be conducting quality control via remote lesson observations. You will be doing the following:

  1. Watch the video recording of the teacher teach a class.

  2. Document your findings.

  3. Save and share it.

  4. Phone conference with CM and teacher to go through the executive summary.

Annual Refreshers Training

You will be working with Head Office as a team to revise, create and deliver the annual refreshers training.​ The purpose of the refreshers training is to realign the entire company with the proper expectations in all areas of work from teaching to teaching related administration.

Continuous Professional Development

You will be in charge of overseeing and providing external continuous professional development (CPD) for our staff. You will be liaising between third party organisations who will conduct the CPD. 

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