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Introducing Motiverse, Babington's NFT Student Motivation Platform

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Babington is proud to be launching its NFT student motivation platform called Motiverse. This makes Babington Education Hong Kong's first learning centre or school to apply Web 3.0. technology to education.

Here's a short 90 seconds video explaining Motiverse.

What is Motiverse?

The concept is simple.

  1. Teachers create classroom rules where students are rewarded with the Olas coin if they achieve particular behaviours. The students are, therefore, motivated to perform that behaviour.

  2. Once the student achieves that behaviour, their teacher will send the student an Olas.

  3. Students collect Olas to buy and collect digital stickers (NFTs) on Motiverse.

  4. Teachers are also able to send NFT certificates directly to students. We call them badges in Motiverse. Students will be able to collect these badges in their profiles. Collecting badges help motivate them even more!

  5. Parents will also be granted an account so they may use Motiverse at home to motivate their child(ren) in conjunction with their teachers at Babington.

  6. Since Motiverse is powered by blockchain technology, it means that every transaction is transparent and publicly verifiable, thus increasing the element of trust.

Are NFTs and cryptocurrency safe for children?

Don't worry; we have built Motiverse to be safe for kids.

  1. Olas cannot be traded for money. This means you cannot convert it to Hong Kong dollars or other fiat money.

  2. Olas cannot be exchanged for another digital asset. This means you cannot convert to another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

This means Olas has no monetary value and is no different from coins your child collects in a video game.

NFTs also have a safety mechanism built in. While the student is the owner of the NFTs that they purchased with Olas, the NFTs are actually held in our custodian wallet until your child reaches what we call maturity. This prevents our users (students) from trading NFTs on popular marketplaces like OpenSea.

The safety mechanisms we have in place remove any financial risks for children and allow Motiverse to stay true to its purpose, which is to motivate children at school and at home.

We are reimagining student motivation with Motiverse.

The Roll Out

We will launch the pilot phase with our Mid Levels and Ma On Shan centres only.

This means that only students studying at Mid Levels and Ma On Shan will have access to Motiverse. After this pilot phase, we will release Motiverse to all centres, which will mean that every student at Babington will be able to enjoy and experience the benefits of Motiverse.

Request early access

If your child is not enrolled at Mid Levels or Ma On Shan, yet you wish to join our pilot phase and get early access to Motiverse, you can do so by clicking the button below and filling out the form.

You can learn more about Motiverse by visiting the following website:

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