Babington 2021 暑期班即將起航! 7月12日 - 8月27日

Babington 2021 暑期班即將起航! 7月12日 - 8月27日

今個夏天,Babington 特別設計了 7 個星期不同主題的暑期課程,既可學習英語,又可爲你的小朋友增添一個豐富而有趣的學習假期。 ​ 在 Weekly Summer Programme 課程裏,會運用 Babington 獨特的教學方法,配以活動和手作,幫助提高小朋友對英語的興趣和學習能力。與此同時,RWI 課程會以促進班的形式進行,以元音拼讀技巧作為基礎,給予小朋友另一個方法,更易去掌握讀寫英語。 ​ 詳情請聯絡就近分校查詢! ​ 記得把握 “早鳥優惠” 和其他 “暑期班優惠” 報讀啊!



Welcome to Babington Summer Programme 2021!

July 12th - August 27th

This summer, we have 7 weeks of specially designed lessons to enrich your child's holiday and their English learning.

There will be unique activities everyday taught in our signature teaching methodology in the Weekly Summer Programme, as well as our popular RWI programme designed to help raise your child's phonics abilities.

Contact your nearest branch to find out more!

And don't forget to make use of our Early-bird promotion and our Extra Special Offers!

Learn about our summer programme, the schedule and other details by visiting our Summer Programme website

Summer Programme Website

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