2018 Xmas Programme


聖誕節快到了🎄,Babington 特意為小朋友準備了聖誕課程!除了學習英語外,還會透過製作食物和勞作來讓小朋友加深對聖誕節這個節日的認識,內容豐富有趣!

課程適合 3 歲以上小朋友報讀 (K1至P3學生)。

課程費用: $1,200 (3 堂,每堂 2 小時)。

十二月十二日之前報名更可享 Early Bird $100 優惠!

詳情請向就近 Babington 教育中心查詢,或按以下網址登記查詢 - 連結

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!🎄Babington proudly presents a special Christmas programme with cooking, arts and craft activities and of course, learning English!

Suitable for children aged 3 and above.

Age: Between K1 to P3

Dress Code: Fancy dress!

Cost: 3 lessons (6hrs) package - $1200

Enrol before 12th December, 2018 for the Early Bird Discount of -$100!

Programme Schedule: To enquire, please contact your nearest branches - link

SCHEDULE: Click here

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