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暑期課程 開心出發


暑期課程 開心出發

EARLY BIRD @ MAY 15 提早報名優惠 @5月15 前 提早報名預留你最理想的時間及最適合的課程,還有Early Bird 優惠!過去每年80%的小朋友也在5月報讀暑期課程,即是80%學位在5月已滿!把握機會提早聯繫我們!


  • 手作炎夏雪糕香蕉船 、自製Party美食肉醬Nachos 、烹煮芝味香濃的Mac n Cheese

  • 認識亞瑪遜雨林、海嘯等自然生態及天氣

  • 探索寓言、童話及現代動畫故事,包括大家熟悉的Nemo 及 Kung Fu Panda

  • 製作獨一無二 Tie-dye 紥染 T-shirt 、彩色沙瓶、水晶球

  • 自製隱形墨水、水晶晶石 、磁力車等等!

Get the best time slot and the best programmes for your child, enrol now to get the Early Bird. Every year, 80% of our summer enrolments happen in May, meaning 80% of our places are booked in May! So now is the chance to beat the crowd! This year, we have 7 weeks of summer programme. Here are some highlights:

  • Making tasty beef burgers, banana splits and chocolate pancakes

  • Learning about tsunamis and Amazon animals

  • Explore fables and your imagination with famous characters like Nemo and Kung Fu Panda

  • Tie-dye a t-shirt, make a rainbow layered sand bottle and make your own glitter globe

  • Grow your own colourful crystals, make invisible ink and power a car with magnets

Learn about our summer programme, the schedule and other details by clicking HERE.

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