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暑期課程 開心出發!

Summer Programme OUT NOW!

EARLY BIRD @ MAY 15 提早報名優惠 @5月15 前 提早報名預留你最理想的時間及最適合的課程,還有Early Bird 優惠!過去每年80%的小朋友也在5月報讀暑期課程,即是80%學位在5月已滿!把握機會提早聯繫我們! 今年我們7個星期的暑期課程精心酬備策劃,一系列主題包括烹任、勞作藝術、森林動物、海洋生物、STEM 教學主題(科學、科技、工程學及數學)。小朋友會製作「澳洲彩虹仙子麵包」、「螢光螢火蟲」、「發射梳打火箭」 、「螺旋發動車」、「橡筋發動直升機」等等! 想知更多內容,請按以下連結。 Get the best time slot and the best programmes for your child, enrol now to get the Early Bird. Every year, 80% of our summer enrolments happen in May, meaning 80% of our places are booked in May! So now is the chance to beat the crowd! This year, we have 7 weeks of summer programme from cooking, arts and craft, jungle animals, sea creatures to our first STEM education (science, technology, engineering & maths) theme with our Little Engineers week. This summer will see our students cooking fairy cakes, making glow in the dark fire flies, soda rockets, propeller cars and rubberband powered helicopters! Learn about our summer programme, the schedule and other details by clicking the button below.

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