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Our COVID-19 Story so far


COVID-19 has devastated the education sector and we as a company and we as individuals have inevitably been affected. Here, we will let you know what has happened so far.

In late January, the Education Department Bureau (EDB) has forced all schools to close. Since we are registered schools, we fall under EDB's regulation. We have therefore been closed since late January. What happened next was, we issued a Battle Plan to keep the Company and the People alive as long as possible. We are happy to say that as of the end of March, we have not yet had to lay any one off due to COVID-19. 

So how did we respond to COVID-19?

All our teachers have been put on about 40% pay reduction. This was worked out as follows:


  • Rent: We would pay our staff's rent to a maximum of $8,000 a month. 

  • Subsidy: All staff will get a subsidy amount of $6,000 a month. 

Our core principle objective is to ensure the Company and its People survives. If the rent is below $8,000, e.g. $6,000, the member of staff will only get $6,000. The remaining $2,000 cannot be transferred to the subsidy. If it could, we would have just set the salary to $14,000. 

In return for being paid about 40% less, teachers would work about 40% less. In addition, teachers do not need to come to the centre to work, but they are advised to work at the comfort of their own home. However, should there be a need, the centre's facilities will always be made available for teachers. 

In March, we started our hiring process again and since the job has changed, it meant that we had an opportunity to change the contract to fit the current situation. So instead of using the original employment agreement, we are now (for the period of EDB school closure) using the contractor agreement. 


You can read the dummy contractor contract here.

​The main terms are as follows:

  • You are signing up as a contractor providing tuition services online.

  • You get paid for the services you deliver. Simply put, you teach one get paid for one lesson. You miss one class, you get paid less for one lesson. Everything is calculated on a pro rata basis. 

  • Your unit rate of pay will be counted in lessons. 1 unit rate = 1 lesson.

  • You are contracted for 8 lessons a day. Think of it like the company bulk purchasing from you, 8 lessons a day. 

  • Should the company assign you less than 8 lessons a day, you will still nonetheless, be paid for 8 lessons a day.

  • You will have 5-day work week. The company will assign you 2 days off a week, which the company reserves the right to change (though they would rarely do so).

  • You will make yourself available for teaching on each working day from 8:30am to the 8:30pm. This means the company has a right to assign lessons anytime within this range for each working day. Realistically, very few classes take place past 6:30pm since this is dinner and relaxing time before bed. 

  • Each class is 30 minutes long (25 minutes actual classroom time and 5 minutes prep/report writing).

  • You are expected to write a report after each class.

  • Meeting with your centre manager to account for every single one of your students.

  • Attend meetings online or offline. Meetings are unpaid. 

  • You are required to attend teacher training. This may be conducted in-person or remotely. The training you attend is mandatory and unpaid but free of charge. 


Service Fee

The service fee we are offering is calculated in the same way as our existing teachers, which uses:

  • Rent: We would pay our staff's rent to a maximum of $8,000 a month

  • Subsidy: All staff will get a subsidy amount of $6,000 a month

Your Unit Rate

Your unit rate of pay is the pay per class. Formulas are presented below to show how this is calculated. The contractor agreement stipulates that the Company will bulk purchase from you 8 classes a day for every working day. If the Company assigns less than 8 classes a day, you will still be paid for 8 classes a day. Once you hit the maximum of 8 classes in any given day, you will have the choice of continuing to teach. You will be paid on a pro rata basis using your unit rate, for any additional classes beyond the bulk purchased 8 classes a day. 

The formula for calculating your unit rate:

Rent + Subsidy = Gross Pay/month

Unit rate = Gross Pay / Average monthly bulk purchased classes


Rent $8,000 + Subsidy $6,000 = $14,000 Gross Pay / month

Unit Rate = $14,000 / Average monthly bulk purchase

Average monthly bulk purchased classes = (8 classes a day X 5 working days a week X 52 weeks in a year / 12 months in a year)

Average monthly bulk purchase classes = 173.332 classes

Unit Rate = $14,000 / 173.332 = $80.77

1 unit state = 1 X 30 minute class, which in this example, will be paid $80.77

The contractor agreement guarantees 8 classes a working day. If using the example above, the daily pay will be as follows:

Daily Pay = $80.77 X 8 = $646.16

On average, there is 4.33 weeks a year (52 weeks / 12 months). This means the average monthly pay using this example is:

Average monthly pay = $646.16 X 5 days a week X 4.33 weeks a month = $14,000.11


  1. Native English

  2. Teaching qualification of at least 100 hours TEFL / TESOL

  3. Excellent spoken, written and grammar skills

  4. Degree

  5. Confidence – able to present oneself to parents confidently

  6. Presentable – you look like a professional teacher

  7. Experience (though we may consider candidates with less experience)

  8. Able to work with a range of children’s ages, from the ages of 3 to 12

  9. Team player – you can work with colleagues smoothly

  10. Positive CAN DO! attitude

  11. Problem solver – NOT PROBLEM PRESENTER

  12. Able to work independently

  13. Able to work to deadlines

  14. Accountable, responsible person who accounts for their work

  15. Loves children! Finds them cute, finds them funny and enjoys interacting with them



The interview Process



Evaluation of your suitability will be done via Skype interviews. 

How to Apply?

If you would like to learn more, please send an email to with the subject “Teacher web application” and include the following:

  1. C.V. (in PDF)

  2. Recent photo

  3. Start date

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